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In this activity, you will have to read two analytical exposition texts. Make necessary notes of their key features. It may facilitate you in doing the other tasks. Enjoy it.

Text 1
In Australia there are three levels of government, the federal government, state governments and local governments. All of these levels of government are necessary. This is so for a number of reasons.

First, the federal government is necessary for the big things. They keep the economy in order and look after things like defence. International affairs are also important to handle. For example they carry out mutual collaboration with other nations in the world.

Similarly, the state governments look after the middle sized things. For example they look after law and order, preventing things like vadalism in schools. Crimes occurring in a particular state need quick and instant solution. This will take long time if they are handled by federal government.

Finally, local governments look after the small things and daily matters. They look after things like collecting rubbish, otherwise everyone would have diseases.

Thus, for the reasons above we can conclude that the three levels of government are necessary.

Text 2.
Learning from Television

Traditionally, educators have perceived television as not particularly beneficial to literacy development. Concerns were fueled by findings suggesting that with the introduction of television people spend less time reading books and reading scores decline. As our society is striving to make adjustments to the decline in literacy skills, new ways of learning and teaching are being explored, educators are becoming interested in exploring the educational potential of television. Therefore, the interest in television as an educational medium has increased for several reasons.

First, existing educational television programs that were developed to enhance the literacy development of both children and adults have been quite successful in achieving their intended outcomes. This has been reported in several researches dealing with such things such as television supported distance learning programs from the Open University in Great Britain.

Second, because television is a very accessible medium, it has the potential to reach learners that have not been able to participate in traditional adult literacy programs. Television is accessible both in terms of its technology and in terms of its content. By 1985, 99% of all US households had a least one television set. Moreover, viewers are intimately familiar with the content of television and tend to associate it with pleasurable experience because of its power to entertain

Finally, the development of new visual technologies makes it possible to provide users with more control and interactivity and thus to adapt televised instruction to the needs of a variety of learners and learning styles.

To conclude, many teachers in UK are recently becoming aware to benefit the potential of television programs to support the teaching processes.

The necessary notes of their key features are the two texts have thesis, arguments to support the thesis, and use internal and causal conjunction, and the last paragraph has the conclusion from the writer what should or should not be.

Task 2
Answer the questions below to check your comprehension about the social function, text structures, and the lexico-grammatical features of analytical exposition texts.
1)      Where can you probably find the first text to read?
2)      Where can you probably find the second text to read?
3)      Who might be interested in reading the first text?
4)      In text 2, which sentence is stating the writer’s position to introduce his ideas?

5)      How does the writer of text 2 arrange his ideas in the text?
6)      Does    the writer of text 1 use ‘the present tenses’ to write his ideas in the text?
7)      Can you identify the internal conjunction and causal conjuntion in both texts? Write them in your answers.
1.      Newspaper article, magazine, academic lecturer

2.      Academic lecturer, magazine

3.      Politician, State official, academic people

4.      As our society is striving to make adjustments to the decline in literacy skills, new ways of learning and teaching are being explored, educators are becoming interested in exploring the educational potential of television.
5.      The writer presents arguments or opinions that support the main idea of the text.

6.      Yes, it does

7.      Text 1    : First, Similarly, Finally, otherwise, Thus,
Text 2.   : First, Second, because, moreover, because of, Finally,

Read the two texts above once again and compare them with the other two texts below to identify their differences and similarities. Write your answer in the box provided below text 4.
Text 3
In all the discussion over the removal of lead from petrol there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of difference between driving in the city and the country.
While I realise my leaded petrol car is polluting the air wherever I drive, I feel that when you travel through the country, where you only see another car every five to ten minutes, the problem is not as severe as when traffic is concentrated on city roads.
Those who want to penalise older, leaded petrol vehicles and their owners don’t seem to appreciate that, in the country, there is no public transport to fall back upon and one’s own vehicle is the only way to get about.
I feel that country people, who often have to travel huge distances to the nearest town and who already spend a great deal of money on petrol, should be treated differently to the people who live in the city.
(Source: Gerot,     L., & Wignell, P. (1994). Making Sense of Functional Grammar).

Text 4
Iceberg Potential Source of Water
The supply of fresh water has not been a major problem for most countries in the world because a rainy season is part of their yearly climatic conditions. However, in countries where the rainfall is very sparse scientists must constantly seek ways to increase supplies of this precious element. One among other methods being considered is the towing of icebergs. According to this method large icebergs from Antarctica would be wrapped in cloth or plastic, tied to powerful tugboats by strong ropes, and towed to the countries needing fresh water. While this plan may have some potential, there are certain practical problems that must be solved.
The first problem is the expense. According to estimates, it would cost between $50 and $100 million to tow a 'single 100-million-ton iceberg from Antarctica to, for example, the coast of Saudi Arabia. This is very expensive.
The second problem is possible risk with the iceberg. It is very possible that the Iceberg would melt en route. No one knows if an iceberg could be effectively insulated during such a long journey. At the very least, there is the possibility that it would break up into smaller pieces, which would create still other problems.
The third problem is about the environmental effects. There is the danger that a huge block of Ice floating off an arid coast could have unexpected environmental effects. The ice could drastically change the weather along the coast and it would probably affect the fish population.
The last problem is the cost efficiency. According to this, the cost of providing fresh water from icebergs would be less than the cost of providing water by desalinization. According to most estimates, it would cost between 50 cent and 60 cent per cubic meter to get water from an iceberg as opposed to the 80 cent per cubic meter it costs to get the same amount by desalinization. In conclusion, before icebergs can become a source of fresh water in the future, problems involving cost, overall practicality, and most importantly environmental impact must be solved.
(Adapted from Oshima and Hogue, 3rd edition, 1998).

Write your answer in this box.

1.      The four texts give arguments that support the main idea of the text.
2.      The four text use present tense in constructing the text
3.      The four text use relational process to attribute the main subject
1.      Text 1 and text 2 use internal conjunction and causal conjunction , but text 3 and 4 do not.
2.      1 and 2 tell the argument not based on private opinion but they

Task 4
Video 1
What analytical essay?
1.      How and Why
2.      Explain and interpret
3.      Main Ideas
4.      Having audience effect
5.      Present view with evidence to support it

Video 2
How to write analytical essay?
1.      Read the question
2.      Identify keywords
3.      Identify Direction Words
4.      Brainstorm
5.      Organise ideas

Task 5
Use your own words to develop the two supporting ideas available in the text below.

Compulsory Attendance in College
          On my first day of class in an American university, I discovered that there are many differences between universities in US and in my country. One difference hit me immediately when the professor walked into the classroom dressed in casual pants and a sports shirt. Then he sat down, and I received a second shock. He sat down on the desk, not behind the desk. The biggest shock happened when he passed out a piece of paper listing the requirements of the class. I learned that I was not allowed to miss any classes! In my country, professors do not know or care if students attend lectures, but in the United States, professors actually call the roll at the beginning of each class meeting. In my opinion, compulsory attendance in college is completely inappropriate for two reasons.
          The first, college students are adults, not elementary school children.  The student has an ability to determine which of the acts he should be doing which is not because the student has a different mindset with the child. The student is able to determine what he needs in the course so he will not neglect to improve his knowledge even though he is not attending the class
          Students often have other obligations such as work and family. Not infrequently we meet there are students who have to work to help the cost of lectures and this has become a necessity for him. So also with students who already have a family. Sometimes the affairs involving the family are more important than attending the class so the students tend to leave the class because they think the class can be replaced by learning independently.
          To summarize, attendance in college classes should be optional. Students may already know the material that the professor will cover. Sometimes the professor lectures on material that is in the textbook, so students can read it on their own time. Therefore, in my opinion, compulsory attendance in college classes should be abolished.

Task 6
Choose one prohibition sign below which attracts you to generate your ideas to write an analytical exposition text. Be sure to apply the knowledge you have learnt.
          Trash always appears to be an effective issue in a society with less environmental sensitivity. Indiscipline hygiene can lead to unpleasant atmosphere due to trash. With the behavior of littering, it will result in some problems that will disturb or damage the environment itself.
          The smallest thing that can be caused by the littering of trash is an accident. Imagine, if we throw banana peel trash on the road carelessly, when someone stepped on the banana peel, it is likely he will fall. In addition, this can also damage the view from a small scale. Despite it is only a trash, it will disturb the comfort of our environment.
          When the trash continues to accumulate in a place, for example in the river, then one of the consequences is the flood. Flood is one result of littering. Trash dumped in the river will cause the shallow of the river and the obstruction of the river flow. When the rain drops down, it is certain that the river will not be able to accommodate the water, causing the water to overflow and flooding.
          We know that cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of life. To keep the body in order to stay healthy and fit needed cleanliness in the environment where we live. Stacking trash can cause various types of diseases. The presence of disease seeds in the trash usually comes from polluted waste by human feces and livestock, or because the insect-borne insects sector is nested in it. Trash contaminated with human feces or livestock can be a source of infectious diseases or pathogen sources consisting of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and worms. And of course, this is very dangerous to human health.
          With all kinds of impacts arising from the presence of waste that is disposed of arbitrarily, there is no reason for every human being to not keep his environment clean and comfortable by disposing of waste in his place and living a healthy life.

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